Adventure Sports Noosa

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Noosa offers some of the best adventure sports with its national parks, waterways, and a World Surf Reserve. Adrenaline junkies will be left yearning for more. Spend time exploring above, on, and below water with adventure activities and tours so that you don’t miss a thing!

Scuba Diving in Noosa

The water in Noosa can be crystal clear at particular times of the year; with a looking glass like that, scuba diving and underwater exploration will certainly pique your interest. Select from several scuba diving companies like Sub Surface Scuba Dive Noosa; you will be taken to swim with humpback whales, dolphins, and other colourful fish in Laguna Bay Noosa.

Scuba - Adventure Sports Noosa
Scuba Diving- Adventure Sports Noosa

SubSurface Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Adventures offer a mesmerizing dive experience at Jew Shoal. The dive spot features The Caves, with swim-throughs and vibrant marine life, and The Pinnacle, a descent into coral gardens possibly showcasing mantas and sharks. Suitable for all skill levels, their Triple Dive package includes exploring three reefs and a sunset cruise.

Surfing in Noosa

Embrace Noosa’s surf culture and catch the stoke by learning to surf. For first time learners, choose to have a guide take you surfing and provide lessons, mostly within Noosa Main Beach. Noosa is the perfect place to learn to surf with its sheltered Laguna Bay. For something a little different, try companies like Surf Dancer Surf Academy, which will teach you how to gracefully dance while you surf with private or group lessons. If the wind spoils the surf, there are nuymerous adventure sports in Noosa like kite surfing with essons available when the weather turns.

Surfing in Noosa - Adventure sports Noosa
Surfing in Noosa – Adventure sports Noosa

Kitesurfing Noosa

Kite surfing in Noosa is an exhilarating experience for adventure enthusiasts. Noosa boasts spectacular beaches ideal for kite surfing. Beginners and seasoned surfers alike find the consistent winds and warm waters perfect for this thrilling sport. Local schools offer lessons such as Kitesurf Australia, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. The breathtaking scenery of Noosa National Park adds to the charm, making kite surfing here a must-try activity. Whether you’re seeking a fun day out or honing your skills, Noosa’s kite surfing scene won’t disappoint.

Kitesurfing - Adventure sports Noosa
Kitesurfing – Adventure sports Noosa

Adventure Sports from Above Noosa!!

Challenge your fear of heights and opt for exceptional views by taking a seaplane. View Noosa from above, the beautiful turquoise ocean, and go as far as Fraser Island. Similarly, you can opt for a helicopter ride. Take it one step further and try skydiving. Skydive Noosa can take you up to drop at 14,000 ft, if you have the stomach for it!

Something for land lovers

Stick to land adventure sports Noosa, with a bike, mountain bike, motorbike, or 4WD tours. Explore Noosa Hinterland, Noosa North Shore, various national parks or Double Island Point. You may need to reserve more than a full day; as you’ll find yourself wanting more of what Noosa has to offer in the way of adventure activities. You won’t want to miss some overnight camping as part of the experience. Boring won’t even be part of your vocabulary once you’ve done any of these thrilling adventure activities.

If you like to relax with a beer after your Adventure Sports in Noosa, why not try Land and Sea Brewery for some locally brewed ale or distilled gin.