Noosa the perfect place to learn how to surf

4 mins read

Noosa is one of several renowned surf locations in Australia, attracting surfers from all around Australia and further afield every year to ride the magnificent waves. It was made the 10th World Surfing Reserve in 2017 for its fantastic waves, tempting surf spots, and the beautiful surrounding environment. Noosa is also home to two major surfing events: the Noosa Festival of Surfing, held annually in March to celebrate a shared love of longboarding, and the Noosa Longboard Open, a new event from the World Surf League. However, if you’re thinking that Noosa is only a destination for pro surfers, think again. Unlike many of Australia’s most famous surfing locations, Noosa caters to all skill levels, and it is the perfect place for you to learn how to surf.

Whatever time of year you visit Noosa, you will be treated to pleasantly warm water and soft, gentle waves. The water is clean and safe, so all that you need to worry about is learning to stand and not falling off. Thanks to the large surfing community, Noosa has plenty of incredible surf schools, where you can learn from the best. Whilst some areas of the coastline are constantly brimming with pro surfers tackling challenging points, there are also lovely quiet and peaceful areas, ideal for learners to practice in waist-deep water on manageable waves.

Not only are the conditions in Noosa ideal for learning, but you’ll also enjoy stunning views as you ride the waves, with idyllic beaches and a gorgeous national park. If you choose the right spots, you may be lucky enough to spot turtles, dolphins, and even humpback whales as they migrate in the winter. Noosa makes learning to surf both fun and easy, and really what could be better than learning in one of Australia’s most iconic surf locations?

Surfers in Noosa should select an area that’s suited to their skill level. Noosa Main Beach has sheltered, well-protecting breaks, making it suitable for beginner surfers, particularly during southerly winds. Try to visit here when the waves are small and at mid or low tide for the best learning conditions. Lifeguards patrol the beach between September – May, so it’s best for beginners at this time of year.

Located close to Noosa National Park, Little Cove is another favourite spot for beginners. This scenic spot is sheltered with gentle, rolling waves, and is often a little quieter than other surf areas. Little Cove is ideal for longboarding but suited to shorter boards too, and you may even find yourself surfing alongside turtles. However beware of the rocks, especially at low tide. As your surfing improves, there are plenty more gorgeous surfing spots to venture into – First Point and Tea Tree Bay are two more delightful areas, however, a little more skill is required. Granite Bay and Sunshine Beach are dream locations, but only for the advanced.

Hire a board, book a lesson, and hit the waves – learning to surf in Noosa is too good an opportunity to miss.