The Best Coffee Noosa – A Coffee Lovers Guide

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Many people visit Noosa for the beautiful beaches, parks, and surf. But what will give them energy for all the walking, cycling, paddle boarding, and surfing? You may be pleased to hear that Noosa is home to several cafes that easily rival those in the big cities. If you want coffee at any time of day, these are twelve of the best coffee shops in Noosa. You can enjoy a delicious brew in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

1. Clandestino Coffee, 2/59 Rene St, Noosaville

You can find Clandestino within Belmondos Organic Markets in Noosaville. This haven for bean enthusiasts not only serves great coffee but roast their beans and hold barista training courses. Known for their selection of beans and roasting process, choose your flavour from the Highland Coffee to the Humdinger Blend.

Best Coffee Noosa - Clandestono with plane on the roof

The vibe? Industrial chic meets coffee geek paradise; they even have a plane hanging on the ceiling. There is a reason for their popularity, supplying cafes throughout the Sunshine Coast!

2. Hard Coffee Beach Cafe, 18 Hastings St, Noosa Heads

You can find the best treasures in unexpected places. Hard Coffee in Bay Village Shopping Centre is one of the Noosa Coffee Shops that offer affordable prices without compromising on quality. Enjoying Campos coffee here means savoring delicious flavors at affordable prices, not just drinking a cup of coffee.

The café may not boast ocean vistas, but what it lacks in atmosphere, it more than compensates with its commendable brews and classic breakfast offerings. Picture this: perfectly poached eggs, your plate’s crowning glory, alongside a lineup of breakfast classics crafted to kick-start your day.

And while the setting might be unconventional, the allure of great coffee at a good price is undeniable. There is something for everyone at the shopping centre. Kids can enjoy riding monster trucks behind while adults can relax with a latte. It’s a simple pleasure to spend a morning this way.

3. Depot Noosa, Shop 4, 5 & 6/239-245 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville

Depot is a popular coffee shop in Noosaville, by the peaceful Noosa River, with the aroma of artisan coffee. This café has a reputation for its Padre coffee and beautiful riverside views, which create a peaceful setting for enjoying your coffee.

Open daily from the crack of dawn, this spot caters to early risers heading to the beach and those in search of a tranquil riverside retreat.

Depot Coffee with view of Noosa river

Depot Noosa has a menu with local flavours for an all-day breakfast Noosaville. It combines the relaxed charm of Noosaville with the sophistication of a quality coffee house. Whether you live nearby or are visiting, this café in Noosaville offers a special coffee experience by the river.

4. Padre Coffee, 10 Eenie Creek Rd, Noosaville

Customers know Padre for their excellent coffee roasting and brewing. Visitors can watch the baristas make coffee and participate in workshops to learn the art of making great coffee.

The café’s industrial chic ambiance, combined with the enticing aroma of freshly roasted beans, creates a welcoming atmosphere for all. Customers love Padre Coffee for its delicious coffee and helpful staff. It’s a popular spot in Noosa for speciality coffee, offering a unique and flavourful experience with each visit.

5. Black Pepper Cafe, Shop 3/16 Sunshine Beach Rd, Noosa Junction QLD

In the heart of Noosa Junction, Black Pepper Cafe stands out with its exceptional coffee, an array of fresh juices, and a menu brimming with healthy, delicious breakfast options.

Angelo and Linda manage this cosy cafe, offering more than just a meal; they provide an experience where they treat every visitor like family. From the best-smoked salmon avo on the East Coast to the personalised service that includes thoughtful touches like complimentary drink replacements, Black Pepper Cafe is a testament to the joy of simple, wholesome dining in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

6. First Batch Coffee Roasters, 8 Venture Dr, Noosaville QLD

First Batch Coffee Roasters in Noosa are known for carefully and skillfully roasting and making coffee. Each cup shows their love for good quality and taste.

This café is famous for its smooth flat whites and strong espressos. They also serve homemade treats, like their popular cinnamon scrolls. The talented baristas at this café create a cosy customer atmosphere.

Fist Batch - Noosaville

The warm, welcoming atmosphere, complemented by exceptional customer service, makes it a community favourite. Looking for great coffee and a relaxing atmosphere? First Batch in Noosa offers a memorable coffee experience showcasing local coffee culture. If you like it, why not take a slice of it home by picking up a bag of your favourite blend?

7. Little Cove Coffee Co, Unit 4/205 Weyba Rd, Noosaville QLD

Little Cove Coffee Co. is a cherished retreat for coffee lovers and their four-legged friends. This place in Noosa is pet-friendly. They serve popular local coffee called Cockadoodle Brew. The atmosphere is welcoming for all visitors, whether they have fur or not.

Little Cove Noosaville

Little Cove welcomes everyone with a cosy atmosphere, nice staff, and yummy pastries. It’s a friendly place to enjoy a treat.

Visit Little Cove Coffee Co. in Noosaville for the perfect coffee, Noosaville providing its relaxed atmosphere and friendly community.

8. Puncheurs, Noosa Junction

Puncheur Coffee stands as a vibrant cornerstone in Noosa, where the invigorating world of cycling and the nuanced art of coffee brewing intersect seamlessly. This unique café has garnered a loyal following, not only for its exceptional coffee, meticulously prepared by skilled baristas, but also for its welcoming embrace of the cycling community and all coffee enthusiasts.

In the morning, cyclists gather at the café for coffee and a brownie to start their day. The atmosphere is lively as they chat and prepare for their ride. The cyclists enjoy socializing and fueling up before hitting the road. The café is a popular spot for cyclists to meet and kick off their day.

Puncheur is a must-visit spot in your hunt for the best cafe in Noosa or for anyone seeking a warm community feel and a perfect cup of coffee.

9. Zabe, Tewantin

Zabe Cafe in sleepy Tewantin is a delightful escape into a world where the quirkiness of graffiti-adorned walls meets the aromatic excellence of Clandestino coffee. This lovely place is famous for its lively vibe and tasty pancakes. Families on bike rides and locals looking for a cosy spot to enjoy coffee often stop here.

Array of eats in the cabinet at ZAbe Tewantin

The staff at Zabe, always wearing smiles and quick on their feet, add to the cafe’s charm, ensuring every visit is as pleasant as the last. From the praised eggs bennies to the perfect coffee, and not forgetting the pet-friendly vibe that welcomes furry friends, Zabe Cafe stands out as a must-visit spot in Tewantin, offering more than just a meal but a memorable experience for all who wander in.

10. Flying West, 9 Fellowship Dr, Doonan

Serenely situated in the Noosa hinterlands is the Flying West’s flagship coffee shop and roastery. Offering a tranquil retreat for coffee lovers and food enthusiasts alike.

The rustic setting provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it the ideal spot for those looking to escape the bustling coastal crowds. With their beans roasted on-site, the quality and freshness of the coffee are unparalleled.

Flying West Doonan Best Coffee Noosa

The menu has tasty dishes like lamb tacos, mixing local flavours with a creative touch for a memorable dining experience. Flying West is a must-visit spot in Noosa with friendly staff, great service, and a commitment to excellence for visitors.

11. Sunshine Social, 24-26 Duke St, Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Social in Sunshine Beach is the quintessential coastal café that offers more than just a morning caffeine fix. With its bright and airy setting, this cafe champions community spirit and exceptional coffee, creating a relaxed and welcoming environment for all.

Sunshine Social is loved for its great service, friendly staff, and tasty food like the hazelnut latte and breakfast wrap. It’s a popular spot to relax away from the busy Noosa. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, this cafe provides a perfect blend of quality, comfort, and a laid-back vibe that encourages patrons to linger longer.

Sunshine Social Coffee Shop in Sunshine Beach

The spacious outdoor and indoor dining areas ensure a peaceful experience, while the careful attention to coffee roasting on-site guarantees every cup is fresh and flavorful. It’s a haven for coffee lovers, breakfast enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a cosy spot to enjoy the simple pleasures of good food and great company.

12. Thomas Surfboards, Noosaville

Thomas Surfboards is an immersive cultural experience where the worlds of surfing, style, and craftsmanship converge. Renowned for their handcrafted surfboards, each piece is a testament to the artistry and dedication of the Noosa-based team.

The shop offers a curated selection of surf clothing and apparel, catering to those who appreciate quality and style both in and out of the water. Adding to the unique vibe is an on-site barbershop, providing sharp cuts in a relaxed, surf-inspired setting.

The aroma of Allpress Espresso coffee complements the experience, meticulously brewed to perfection, making Thomas Surfboards a haven for surf enthusiasts, style connoisseurs, and coffee lovers alike. This vibrant hub celebrates the surf culture and fosters a community around the shared love for the waves, style, and a great cup of joe.