Arts & Culture

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Noosa has a particularly rich and vibrant community when it comes to both art and culture. Each town within the region of Noosa as several public and private art galleries. The are is also rich with museums, centres, and markets; that all go into supporting the local artists that create a patchwork of creativity.

Arts and crafts

Discover the creations of artists through various mediums like pottery, paintings, sculptures and ceramics. Identify beautiful pieces at markets like the Eumundi and Peregian Markets. Otherwise, head to your choice of art galleries; especially a historical and cultural keystone to the community, the Noosa Regional Gallery. Immerse yourself in the hinterland with a visit to the Pomona Art Gallery or the Butter Factory Arts Centre that operates both as a gallery as well as a workshop space. Here you can learn and become inspired directly from artists themselves.

Immerse yourself in the history of Noosa

Get to know the history and culture behind Noosa; through heritage walks in the hinterland that will wind you through towns that stand as witnesses to past times. The Noosa Museum is a wonderful place to learn about the Gubbi Gubbi people that inhabited the region, or head to Mill Point Historical Site or Parkyn’s Hut Information Centre. The Majestic Theatre in Pomona still plays silent films you can watch and enjoy.

Cultural experiences

Find entertainment in Noosa’s restaurants, cafes, festivals, and community centres; like the Vintage Junction that has a variety of art, clothing, and unique finds. The large auditorium at The J is also a hub for events, concerts, plays, discussions and comedy shows. They also host recreational activities involved with other universities and schools in the area.

Enriched in art, music, food, history, and culture Noosa is more than just a place. Upon arrival, you’ll find endless amounts of experiences drawing you into the community; in powerful ways through art, culture, and festivals. Actively partake in the art community whether it’s through visual experience, a purchase, a workshop, or an event. There are all kinds of ways to get inspired by this creative network of artisans, individuals, and artists whose work empowers their community.