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Experience the best holiday getaway on the sunshine coast

The perfect paradise in sub-tropical Queensland and only 90 minutes drive north of Brisbane. Here at Noosa we have beautiful beaches, pristine waters and everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in a place that is free of ugly high-rise buildings.

Noosa holiday accommodation is famous for the way it has been built to blend into the landscape and that goes to enhance your holiday experience in this beautiful part of Queensland.

When you stay at Noosa you're only short distance from beaches, national parks and other great natural wonders. You'll see koalas and exotic birdlife; you can fish from the beaches or the rivers or even go offshore with a fishing charter that will take you to all the best spots.Noosa is for everyone who wants to get away from the rush and bustle of every day life and escape into a world where the sun shines, the birds sing and life is lived at an entirely different pace.

Here in Noosa we believe in living life as it should be and that's why everyone who comes here on holiday never wants to go home. This is where the climate, the scenery and the wildlife all combine to make you want to forget about all your cares and just unwind and relax.

The beach on at Noosa is as picturesque as you could hope for. The waves roll in from the Pacific Ocean and it's easy to imagine that you're far far away from the rush and bustle of the busy every day life you lead.

While the rest of the world may be in turmoil the beach at Noosa is a haven of tranquility where you can escape for that much needed rest and relaxation you have been dreaming of. You can swim and surf and let the waves wash away your cares or you can just sit back on the beach and work on your tan.

There's no one here to push you to rush through your day and here there's no time to do anything but take it easy in our sub-tropical paradise.


What sort of holidays are available?

Noosa is not known for it's cheap holidays , however by searching online for deals and by using travel and accommodation portal websites , then holidaying in Noosa is quite affordable.Noosa is all about you, so whatever sort of holiday you want to have is what you will find here. If you want to swim and dive you can do that at Noosa. If you want to play golf and relax on the balcony of your resort you can do that here too.

If you want to go out and get close to nature in one of our great national parks then you're only a short drive away from them. And of course you can fish, tour the surrounding villages or just relax on the beach.

Alternative Accommodation

Take off and do something exotic and different on your next vacation. Visit the Noosa River and explore the lakes, tributaries and complex river system. You will be constantly thrilled and your mind will be enthralled by the vast amount of knowledge you will soon pick up as you continue on your Noosa adventure. Imagine renting out a houseboat for a few weeks as you enjoy days swimming and catching fish, only returning to shore to buy necessities. Evenings are spent gently rocking along the waves with no other boat on sight.

And you can fit up to eight people comfortably on a fully stocked and well established houseboat, so take the time to enjoy moments with your loved ones. Houseboats are perfect for people of all ages and backgrounds. The kitchen is fully equipped and facilities include hot showers, flushing toilets, TV, video, stereo and spacious decks to relax. Your tranquil days will be spent with each other and listening to the sounds of native animals and birds. Houseboats give you the opportunity to have a unique and fairly cheap alternative to commercial accommodation.

If you will still want to try something different, but houseboats aren't your cup of tea, experience the pleasure of staying in guest house accommodation. It is becoming an increasingly popular trend due to the ease of being in a different location yet with all the normal facilities and comfort of a home. Commercial hotels and resorts can be quite impersonal, and for those who want an intimate feel, guest houses are the best choice and are also at quite reasonable prices.

Getting to and from Noosa

Free holiday shuttle bus

During the holiday season, Noosa provides the popular free bus service to reduce holiday congestion and to maintain Noosa's relaxed, coastal feel. The bus is available between December and January and reduces parking pressures as well as reduces traffic congestion by approximately 40, 000 vehicle trips.

Getting around Noosa this holiday season will be a breeze, with the popular free bus service once again buzzing around favorite haunts and beaches, and reducing holiday traffic congestion. Wherever you are staying, ask your hotel manager for the leaflet with timetable and route details. If not, call Tourism Noosa's visitors centres on Hastings Street , the Heritage Hut on Tewantin or in the Noosa Harbour Marine Village . If not, route information and the timetable is available at Translink.


Choose to fly from Sunshine Coast Airport in Maroochydore, which has direct flights to and from most Australian capital cities and is only thirty minutes away from Noosa. The airport in Brisbane is the domestic an international gateway for the state of Queensland and you can choose to fly from there to Sunshine Coast airport, then proceed to Noosa.