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Diversify your itinerary in Noosa with any number of activities that will have you relaxing in bliss, adventuring in nature, or finding your creative side. Noosa is an incredible destination for nature that remains practically untouched, an array of wildlife, and activities surrounding boating, fishing, horse riding and more.

If you want to take it easy, Noosa has the concept of laid-back nailed down to a “t”. With world-class golf resorts steps away from Hastings Street you can putt to green fairways amongst lush forests. Noosa also has some of the best spas with an array of massages and beauty treatments. There is something for everyone when it comes to tuning into their version of relaxation.

For the bold, adventure awaits thanks to the variety of terrain Noosa offers from beaches to bays, and national parks to the hinterland. Four-wheel driving around Noosa North Shore will give you some of the best experiences in connecting you to the land with an ultimate taste of freedom. Stop and fish on the Noosa River, any of the numerous bays surrounding the area, or head out to sea with a charter for some deep sea fishing and boating. Have a glance or book a tour to get a closer glimpse at whales that migrate to Noosa every year. Horse riding and other adventure tours in boating, sky diving, or scuba diving will have you spinning with excitement.

Culturally, Noosa is rich in the arts and culinary world. Throughout the town and surrounding areas, plan visits to museums and art galleries, as well as local markets to experience the work of local artists that have made their ways to both public and private galleries. Join in on the Food and Wine Festival that takes place every year in Noosa, or choose from others involving sports, music, and performance.

With some fine tuning, you can dial your Noosa trip to the level you love to experience your holiday at. Its terrain, culture, and quaint elegance inspires you to create memories around the very nature and art that makes Noosa such a memorable place to be.

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image alt Outdoor Cycling

When in Noosa, we highly recommend leaving the car behind and exploring this beautiful area on two wheels. Whatever your cycling skill level, Noosa has a perfect place to pedal for everyone, with delightful coastal paths, tropical rainforest tracks, challenging mountain biking routes, and everything in between. The gorgeous natural environment creates the ideal backdrop to any bike ride.

Enjoy a relaxing riverfront cycle along the Noosa River, ending at the Tewantin marina for incredible scenic views and local flora and fauna. Cycling is also a fantastic way to see the charming coastline of Noosa, with white sand as far as the eye can see along the eastern beaches. The surf beaches trail is a 23km return trip which follows the coast and allows cyclists to remain on a bicycle track away from traffic. During the winter months, you may even be lucky enough to see migrating humpback whales as you pass by. 

For the mountain bikers amongst us, Mt Tinbeerwah in Tewantin National Park is not to be missed. You will be treated to breathtaking 360-degree views from the waves to the wilderness, before venturing along the Woorai trails through the stunning sub-tropical rainforest.

The Noosa Trail Network offers 100km of magnificent tracks through the hinterland, varying in length and terrain to suit different fitness and experience levels. Winding trails will take you to remarkable lookouts, National parks, and country pubs, with exotic plants and local wildlife along the way.

Check the calendar prior to your arrival, as Noosa hosts a variety of exciting cycling events, ranging from family fun days to the world’s largest triathlon. You can even test your skills on the 40km tri course. After departing from Noosa Heads, you’ll make your way along the lovely river, past Lake Macdonald, and venture towards the delightful hinterland town of Cooroy.

Alternatively, an array of guided tours are available, showcasing the best of cycling in Noosa for those who can’t decide where to go. If you can’t bring your bike with you, take advantage of the mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes and children’s bikes available to hire.

image alt Outdoor Camping

The diverse and magnificent part of Australia's South-East QLD is the Sunshine Coast region, widely known for its perfect all-year-around weather, green lush hinterlands, and stunning beaches.

Located on the beautiful shores of the Sunshine Coast, Noosa is a shining start of the region and one of the most popular surfing spots in QLD. Noosa has recently become a hot destination, a busy hub for shopping, dining and outdoor activities with all the facilities conveniently located within the reach. Offering glorious national parks, countless fishing spots, and swimming lakes, this place makes a perfect holiday destination without the hefty expense.

Camping in Noosa is an affordable way to experience this magnificence seaside location. Although not all of us are naturally born bush lovers, camping is certainly a preferred way to holiday amongst families with children. Blending with nature is a great way to unwind and recharge whether you're a newbie to camping or an old-timer. So definitely set up your tent in one of the suggested below locations and go exploring the National Park or enjoy a simple walk along one of Noosa's magnificent beaches. 

4 Top Noosa's Camp Sites:

1. One of the best spots to pitch your tent is undoubtedly Noosa North Shore Campsite. One of the three Noosa Council Campgrounds, surrounded by the National Park, the campsite is situated on the north shore of Noosa River making it a great getaway for fishing, surfing, bushwalking, and beach walking or 4wheel driving

2. Another great accommodation for your camp is the Noosa River Holiday Park. As the name suggests, the holiday grounds are located on the river offering direct access to the beach with plenty of water activities to experience.

3. Boreen Point Campground is located within the Noosa Shire, on white sandy shores of Lake Cootharaba, a popular fishing and sailing spot.

4. Habitat Noosa Everglade Ecocamp is a unique river waterfront accommodation spread out on 65 acres of manicured landscapes inside the National Park. Choose your perfect camping style from Paperbark glamping tents to the Premium waterfront campsites - you don't even need to bring your own tent!

image alt Outdoor Swimming

The warm weather and tropical climate are some of the many reasons why tourists from all around the globe eagerly head to Noosa every year. However, all of that walking, playing and baking in the sun can take its toll, and there's no better way to cool down than taking a refreshing swim. Fortunately, Noosa is heaven for swimmers, whether you're a serious athlete or just looking to cool off.

Framed by the stunning coastline, the crystal clear waters of the ocean are too inviting to pass up. The beautiful Noosa main beach is a delightful place for a swim, with gentle waves and lifeguards patrolling all year round, making it ideal for families with children. Venture further to swim at more of Noosa’s exquisite beaches – Sunshine Beach, Sunrise Beach and Peregian Beach all allow swimmers to peacefully glide through the waves without a care in the world, knowing that lifesavers are keeping a watchful eye over the scene.

For those looking for a place to teach the kids to swim or somewhere to train, perhaps the Noosa Aquatic Centre would more appropriate. Enjoy multiple heated outdoor pools surrounded by the charming scenery of Noosa. With lanes and casual areas, swimming lessons, and water-based fitness classes, what more could you want?

The adventurous amongst us may be searching for somewhere truly unique to swim, and luckily Noosa never fails to deliver. If you’re up for a walk to truly earn that refreshing swim, the Fairy Pools could be the answer to your prayers. Nestled away in the breathtaking Noosa National Park, the Fairy Pools are two gorgeous natural tidal pools, with lovely corals and sponges to admire if you bring goggles. There is also a pretty cobbled beach close by, plus you will be surrounded by the outstanding natural beauty of the national park. What better place to simply relax and float?

The keen swimmers amongst us should time their visit to coincide with the Noosa Summer Swim, Queensland's largest ocean swimming festival. The exciting two-day annual event involves ocean swims and beach activities for all ages and various abilities.

image alt Outdoor Kayaking & Canoeing

Discover the true meaning of tranquillity as you leisurely paddle down crystal clear waters with no sound except the chirp of local birds, surrounded by pristine natural surroundings. The stunning waters of Noosa provide multiple perfect locations for kayaking and canoeing. Book a guided tour or hire the equipment and make your own way through the ocean or the river, experiencing picturesque scenery and magnificent flora and fauna.

The smooth, protected waterways of the Noosa River provide a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for canoeing and kayaking. Enjoy a beautiful backdrop as you explore mangroves, rich with local wildlife. Why not join a sunset river tour to make the most of one of Noosa’s gorgeous sunsets? Or wake up early and paddle down the river whilst the sun comes up and native birds fill the air with their morning song as the river awakens for the day. Few things are worth getting out of bed at 4:30am for (especially on holiday), but this is definitely one of them.

Noosa is lucky enough to have one of only two Everglades on earth, and it provides an ideal place to go kayaking or canoeing. The Everglades are known as the River of Mirrors, because of the incredible reflections on the water. It is also one of Australia’s most diverse ecosystems, playing home to over 40% of the country’s bird species. Paddle through this serene world of water, wilderness, and outstanding natural beauty for a truly spectacular experience.

Kayaking and canoeing aren’t confined to the rivers of Noosa – you can also venture into the inviting turquoise sea if you choose your spot wisely.

Double Island Point is an exquisite ocean kayaking and canoeing area. It is only accessible by 4WD, however, there are local tour companies providing trips here if you don't have access to one. As you venture through the tropical waters, it’s not uncommon to see pods of bottlenose dolphins, turtles, rays, and humpback whales during the winter months. Kayakers can also paddle along the delightful coastline of Noosa National Park to Laguna Bay, which provides another opportunity to spot dolphins as you explore.

image alt Outdoor Stand Up Paddle boarding

Noosa is lucky enough to have an abundance of beautiful national parks and delightful waterways from the river to the coastline, and locals and visitors alike are always looking for exciting new ways to enjoy them. It’s easy to see why stand up paddle boarding (or SUPing) is quickly becoming a favourite water sport, not just in Noosa but all over the world. Not only does SUPing allow you to explore stunning waterways, but it’s also fun, relaxing, and good exercise. Many people love the fact that it’s an eco-friendly way to explore the water, leaving no trace and no damage behind. No need to worry if you’ve never paddle boarded before – it’s very easy to learn.

Whilst many people enjoy stand up paddle boarding simply as a pleasant way to explore the natural environment, there are also many health benefits. Whether you're SUPing along flat water or over waves, it promotes strength and balance. It provides a core workout ideal for cross-training as it works the legs, back, arms and core. Paddleboarding through nature also promotes relaxation and reduces stress. The best part is that you’ll be so busy enjoying the exquisite natural surroundings of Noosa that it won’t even feel like exercise!

The tempting waterways of Noosa provide perfect places to paddleboard for beginners, intermediates, and pros. The calm waters of the magnificent Noosa River are ideal for first-time paddle boarders to learn skills and build their confidence, surrounded by native flora and fauna. Or take your paddleboard to the pristine Pelican Bay and spot turtles, mud crabs, and even dolphins as you drift across flat turquoise water. The crystal clear lagoons of Double Island Point cater to all levels and offer a breathtaking backdrop as you float. For the more advanced paddle boarders amongst us, Honeymoon Bay is a wonderful place to paddle within the spectacular Great Sandy National Park.

Paddleboard hire is readily available in Noosa, as well as paddle boarding lessons, and guided tours. Whichever you choose, paddle boarding is the perfect way to see the picturesque waters of Noosa from a whole new perspective.

image alt Outdoor 4WD

Four-wheel driving evokes an intense feeling of bending the rules. Perhaps it’s the ocean breeze in your hair, the exhilarating thump you’ll feel traversing over mother nature’s malleable land, or the freedom that comes with stopping and going as you please that makes four-wheel driving in Noosa an adventure you can’t miss. 

Heading up towards Noosa, one of the best destinations for four-wheel driving, creates an adventurer’s ideal itinerary. Pack your camping gear, as spots like Double Island Point, the towering coloured sand cliffs of Rainbow Beach, Noosa North Shore and more will have you in full explorer mode. Continue onward to the southern entrance of Fraser Island for even further exclusive activities. Drive inland through bush and forest, or let the ocean guide your way on the coast. 

If you’d rather have someone else do the heavy lifting for you, arrange a guided tour through any number of 4WD Tour companies within Noosa and Tewantin. Some have packages to various locations to make sure you check each and every one off your bucket list. 

When four-wheel driving, it’s imperative that you pay attention to the rules and regulations surrounding the activity. Always check to see which beaches will require a permit, or visit Queensland Park and Wildlife Service Centre in Tewantin. A forestry map and some information will let you know about particular tracks and routes to guide your trip. Know and understand your vehicle, how it operates and how much fuel you’ll need to get to and from your destinations. As most of the four-wheel driving is on the ocean shores, pay attention to the tides and make sure you allow yourself enough time to get back to higher ground. 

Four-wheel driving in Noosa acts like a gateway to the environment by allowing you the time to stop and fish, swim, or wander along the exquisite terrain that awaits you. Sticking to the Noosa North Shore area will give you more than enough to occupy your time with, but should you choose to extend, Fraser Island is just a short ferry ride away to let to the adventure live on. 

image alt Outdoor Golf

It seems fitting that the region dazzled by sunshine year round is naturally home to some of the best golf courses in Australia. A golfer’s dream spending the afternoon teeing off into the lush forest amidst sparkling beaches is nothing short of idyllic. From serious to novice, golf courses in Noosa offer an afternoon for all.

Noosa Springs Golf Course

Staying in town? With such close proximity to Hastings Street you can wander here after breakfast. The resort has a world class course and incredible spa, giving everyone a little something special to do. The 18-hole championship course borders Lake Webya, stretching 6180 metres with 69 bunkers.

Palmer Coolum Resort

Set 20km west of Noosa tucked away in the hinterland is an entirely unique course at Palmer Coolum Resort, complete with a par-72 course weaving through 6137 metres of fairway, lakes and native bush. Simply sit back and admire the unique decorations found at this course.

Peregian Springs Golf Club

Go beyond the quaint local town of Peregian Beach and golf seven days a week if you choose at this par-72 course. Players are welcome at all levels thanks to the strategic design and layout of the 6169 metre course through lush rainforest, water features, and native bush.

Tewantin Noosa Golf Club

Local golfers and those on holiday relish in this course thanks to the sharp doglegs at the 3rd and 11th hole. Take in the view of the mountains beyond just minutes outside of Noosa while touring an incredible layout as a visitor or frequent member.

Noosa Valley Country Club

A shorter course with nine holes, the Noosa Valley Country Club is a beautifully manicured fairway decorated with lush trees, flowers, and bush that feel much like a garden. This is a great course for those looking to have some fun golfing in the sun, with little surprising challenges along the way.

Suitable for all types of golfers on holiday, courses ranging from championship to laid-back fun make Noosa an excellent choice for an afternoon spent on courses that double as a natural immersion to the environment around you.

image alt Outdoor Fishing

Inundated with crystalline waters everywhere you look, Noosa is a fisherman’s paradise thanks to the oceans, rivers, and lakes that make up its geography. Equally matched in marine biodiversity, fishing in Noosa will leave you in bounty while you simultaneously enjoy views both on land and offshore.


Fishing in Noosa is available year round, thanks to the incredible sub-tropical weather that keeps holiday goers and locals in optimal comfort while they cast away. Summer brings about incredible species like the Coral Trout and Marlin. In the winter, look forward to incredible reef fishing for variety in Snapper, Tailor, and Winter Whiting. Pay close attention to seasonal catches with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.


You can catch plenty on land, casting right from the rocks in bays like Little Cove, the shores of Noosa River, Webya Creek, or Laguna Bay. You’ll be happily surprised to find that areas like Noosa North Shore and Double Island Point also have large gutters that make beach fishing a breeze. For the larger catch, take a kayak through 40km of the Noosa River, catching everything from Flathead to Mud Crabs. Otherwise, head just 15km out to sea to the Noosa Bar for larger reef fish. Even further out Noosa has some incredible canyons for larger fish.


Many boating companies offer guided fishing tours to take you to local spots providing both training and knowledge about the type of fish and their habitats. Companies like the Noosa River Fishing Safari will take you through the river and river mouth. To explore beyond the shores, look to Fishing Offshore Noosa for chartered boats that will take you to the reef, deep-sea or into full game fishing. You’ll be exploring not just the marine life below but the stunning reefs and ecosystems that embody Noosa.


For the total fishing experience, save a few days in your itinerary to fish both land and sea, guided or unguided. Regardless of how you choose to fish, you’ll find the waters teeming with marine life that will give you an immense appreciation for the traditions that coincide with Noosa’s ecosystem.

image alt Outdoor Horse Riding

It won’t be hard to convince romantics and adventure seekers to set out on horse back amidst the lush forests and eucalyptus trees that wind through rivers and beaches. Guided tours for beginner and experienced horse riders provide you with information about the region while you drift into a dream state exploring the better parts of Australia.


When choosing to horse ride in Noosa, think about the duration and type of experience you want to have. Most companies cater horse riding for all ages, and will have several horses for both children and adults. Guides will walk you through proper training and handling of the horses, as well as any quirks you should be aware of. You’ll be well-equipped for a journey of your choosing with companies like Noosa Horse Riding or Equathon.


Tours can range in destinations like visiting the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach, exploring the sands of Teewah Beach, or winding through areas of the Noosa River and down to Lake Weyba. You can select from private beach tours for an intimate experience, or join other groups and parties that are also horse riding on their holiday. Private rides usually start at 2 hours in length, or you can select other packages that involve overnight accommodation to explore by night. Equathon also offers a full 7-day tour where you can fully immerse yourself into the landscape all while travelling by horse.


If you’re more of an advanced horse rider or have been looking to become more experienced in horseback riding, you can select from lessons to learn specific skills like trotting and running. Some stables will also provide you with lessons in obstacle courses and even extended trips with a customised itinerary.


Plan your horse riding excursion in advance, as much of the guided courses will depend on the changing tides and seasons. Although Noosa has good weather year round, horse riding can be a seasonal activity depending on the tour companies. Just as your horse will guide you through incredible landscapes, your guide helps provide the knowledge and trust to walk away with an unforgettable time.

image alt Outdoor Boating

Perhaps the best way to explore all the ways in which water impacts life in Noosa is to hop on a boat. Boating in Noosa can be a relaxing evening watching the sunset, or a thrilling adventure taking on the ocean’s mighty waves. With so many rivers, lakes, and bays to see choosing the right boat tour or even renting a boat on your own will have you trading your land legs for sea legs.


To start, ease into your boating experience with something on the mellow side by heading to the Noosa River. Hire a pontoon boat and have a barbeque, opt for a kayak and go exploring on your own, or join others in a river cruise. Take an environmentally friendly approach renting through Eco Noosa River Adventures using their small electric boats or nauticycles - a biking on water experience. The Noosa Ferry Cruise Company will take around the Noosa River and guide you through each and every turn. Otherwise, fulfil your romantic fantasy taking a luxurious boat out with Noosa Dreamboat or float on with the Gondolas of Noosa.


Noosa Thriller and Noosa Ocean Rider are companies specialising in exhilarating ocean rides out to sea at high speeds, letting the wind and ocean water whip through your hair. Typically in smaller groups, everyone is sure to have a personalised experience with the ocean. In peak whale season, whales often migrate to Noosa making for an incredibly close encounter. If it’s just whales you’re after, Whalesong Cruises navigate out of Hervey Bay to more exclusive locations like the waters of Fraser Island.


Some like to dive right into boating and go on your own. If this sounds like you, look to any number of boat rental companies that will let you rent by the hour. Pelican Boat Hire, Jetty 17, and O Boat Hire all let you rent a variation of a small boat, SUP paddle board, or kayak to take the lead in your own itinerary. Regardless of what you choose to do, boating in Noosa is one of the best ways to integrate with the water.

image alt Outdoor Adventure

With national parks, waterways, and the world-heritage site Fraser Island just minutes away from Noosa you’ll experience some of the best adventure activities that will have you standing on the tips of your tours, completely immersed, and yearning for more. Spend time exploring above, on, and below water with adventure activities and tours that will take you through it all.


The water in Noosa can be crystal clear particular times of the year, and with a looking glass like that scuba diving and underwater exploration will certainly pique your interest. Select from several scuba diving companies that will take you to swim with humpback whales, dolphins, and other colourful fish throughout the reef. If you’re not SCUBA certified, snorkel instead and you’ll see just as much above as you would below.


Embrace Noosa’s surf culture and catch the stoke by learning to surf. For first time learners, choose to have a guide take you surfing and provide lessons, mostly within Noosa Main Beach. For something a little different, companies like SurfDancer Surf Academy will teach you how to gracefully dance while you surf with private or group lessons. If the wind has spoilt the surf, think again with kite surfing lessons available when the weather turns.


Challenge your fear of heights and opt for exceptional views by taking a seaplane that will guide you from above over Noosa, the sea, and parts of Fraser Island. Similarly, you can opt for a helicopter ride. Take it one step further with skydiving through Skydive Noosa with a drop at 14,000 ft, you’ll have a view of it all.


Stick to land with bike tours with mountain bikes, motorbikes, or 4WD tours that will take you through the hinterland, Fraser Island or Noosa North Shore. Reserve a full day or more for activities like these as you’ll find yourself wanting to explore more of the endless terrain in Noosa, and some will include overnight camping as part of the experience you won’t want to miss. Boring won’t even be part of your vocabulary once you’ve done any of these thrilling adventure activities.


image alt Outdoor Whale Watching

If you’re lucky enough to visit Noosa from August to November, whale watching is in full swing every year. As humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to the warm waters of Queensland to give birth, they’ll be visible from land at any number of vantage points. Otherwise, you can hire a cruise that will take you closer to see their playful nature unfold.


If you’ve booked accommodation in Noosa, you can walk to Dolphin Point in Noosa National Park for an astonishing view of whales having a play as they breach the waters, showing their calves how to have a little fun. Point Perry in Coolum is also a notorious spot amongst the boardwalk to catch a glimpse of these fellows. Make a day trip of it and head to the waters of Fraser Island and Hervey Bay where whales come every year to get their calves strong before migrating further south.


Getting a little closer means hopping on a tour boat that will bring you right up to these whales. Don’t be surprised if they end up giving you a splash! The whales are protective of their young but are very playful and you’ll see them jumping in and out of the water right next to your boat. For an elevated experience, select from a touring company like Steve’s Whale One which has a large charter boat that seats over 100 people with meals and a photographer included in the afternoon. Otherwise, Liquid Getaway and Noosa Whale Watching are companies that typically operate on a daily basis during whale season, allowing you to get out there and get close to these fascinating animals.


Whale watching in Noosa will have you standing in awe next to these magnificent creatures. If you’re lucky enough to view these mammals be sure to bring a camera, or a keen eye as you walk on Noosa Main Beach, through Noosa National Park, or at any of the vantage points up the coast to Fraser Island. Selecting a tour will have you up close and personal with these beautiful beings that have made Noosa their seasonal home.

image alt Tours Self-Guided Noosa Everglades Kayak Trip

Head out to the Great Sandy National Park kayak launch site and you'll be settled into your kayak, shown the map, and taught all the basic skills you need for an enjoyable paddle across Lake Cootharaba to Kinaba.

From there, you're free to explore where you want within the Noosa Everglades. Try the lesser-paddled waters of Kin Kin Creek or the mighty Noosa River. Weave in and out of the small islands that dot the northern reaches of Fig Tree Lake.

Test your paddling stamina and head up to the iconic Harry’s Hut for a swim in the tea-colored waters, or use the kayak to get to a wilder bush walking track within the Cooloola Recreation Area. The possibilities are endless!


  • Visit secluded locations by kayak and experience the area's natural beauty
  • Stop to enjoy a swim in waters of the Upper Noosa River
  • Set your own pace for this full-day kayaking adventure

image alt Tours 1-Day Fraser Island Warrior Tour

Start the day from the convenient meeting point in Noosa or with a courtesy pickup from selected hotels and travel through the Cooloola Recreation Area as you make your way towards Fraser Island. After a quick stop in Rainbow Beach, take the ferry from Inskip Point over to the island and drive along the beach to a freshwater creek where you’ll enjoy morning tea with a view. 

Then, it’s time to make your way through the inland tracks over to Lake McKenzie, a highlight for many due to the beautiful white sandy beach and perfectly blue waters. Cool off with a swim, enjoy some wonderful photo opportunities, or relax on the beach before tucking into an authentic Aussie picnic-style lunch. 

After lunch, walk through the ancient Rainforest of Central Station and Pile Valley, home to many unique and interesting species. Wander alongside the crystal clear Wanggoolba Creek as you take in the sights and smells of the rainforest. It's then time to start making your way back towards Noosa with another drive down the beach highway and a brief stopover in Rainbow Beach.

image alt Tours Rainbow Beach Drive 4WD Tour from Noosa to Mooloolaba

Benefit from pickup at your accommodation, if located between Mooloolaba and Noosa, and then set off on a 6-hour off-road adventure to get stunning views of the golden the sands.

Drive across a pristine stretch of white sand with stunning headland views all the way from Noosa to Double Island Point. Stop to admire the scenery of Great Sandy National Park, and take in the impressive views from the Double Island Point Lighthouse.

Keep a look out for turtles, sharks, manta rays, and pods of dolphins in their natural environment, along with majestic humpback whales between June and October. Get exclusive access to the lighthouse to discover parts of the popular spot you might otherwise miss. Take photos of the dramatic Red Canyon and Coloured Sands, and watch a demonstration of the traditional techniques of the Aborigines.

Go to a scenic picnic spot in Great Sandy National Park, where friendly Lace Monitor Lizards may join you for a selfie. Cool off with a dip in the ocean before the return trip to your accommodation.

image alt Tours Noosa in a Day Tour

This Noosa in a day tour is a must to have on your itinerary. Travel to Noosa, stopping at Point Perry lookout for stunning coastal views of Mt Coolum and the Coolum shoreline. Your next stop will be Hastings Street, where you will enjoy 90 minutes’ free time to explore Noosa Main Beach, grab a coffee, browse the many shops, or take a walk to Noosa National Park.

After Hastings Street, you will take a 45-minute ride on the Noosa Ferry up the Noosa River to Tewantin for an appetising two-course​ lunch on the river. The Noosa Ferry will allow you to enjoy the passing scenery in a laid-back manner.

If you’re a foodie, you’re in for a treat as the two course lunch with a glass of wine or beer is at one of Noosa’s most highly rated restaurants, Pier 11 - located at the Noosa Marina overlooking the Noosa River. On the way back to your accommodation, you will stop at Laguna Lookout to take in the views of Noosa and Noosa River.

image alt Tours Noosa Heads: 2-Hour Surf Lesson with Local Instructor

Learn to surf on the idyllic Sunshine Coast at Noosa Heads, one of Australia's best known surfing towns. With warm water and a safe beach, it is ideal for learning how to surf the waves.Start off with a safety briefing and some basic instruction on the beach before catching your first few waves waist-deep in the water. Back on the beach, take in some detailed instruction about how to stand up on your surfboard before finally paddling onto the wave.

Feel the thrill of standing on your first wave with the help of your instructor, who will assist by pushing you onto waves, and offering advice and support to everyone for the remainder of the lesson. Feel free to use the showering facilities at the end to leave feeling refreshed after an exhilarating lesson. 

image alt Tours Dolphin View Kayak and Great Beach Drive Tour from Noosa

Begin your 6-hour program with a Great Beach Drive in Great Sandy National Park. Head to Double Island Point for views of Fraser Island and the colored sands of Rainbow Beach.

Head out on a kayaking tour around the headland and admire the beauty of your surroundings and the Double Island Point Lighthouse from a unique perspective.

Bottlenose dolphin pods are often seen in the area, feeding on large schools of fish. They’re usually as curious about you as you are about them, so be prepared for an experience of a lifetime!

In addition, see local and migrating wildlife, including humpback whales (June-November), turtles, manta rays, stingrays, and migrating sea birds.

image alt Tours Self-Guided Water-Bike Tour

The lower reaches of the Noosa River is a diverse waterway that includes breathtaking national parks, quirky jetties and opulent waterfront houses. This tour will provide you with the opportunity to experience a bit of each, as you take the world's most efficient water bike for a ride around this amazing water way.

Taking your abilities and the environmental conditions at the time into account, you'll head out to explore the river and have some fun. The first thing you'll notice is the huge array of birdlife. Hundreds of Pelicans call this river home, and you'll be sure to gently cycle past a few within minutes. Keep your eyes open for the majestic White Bellied Sea Eagles and Brahminy Kites overhead, or the Great Egret silently fishing in the shallows.

The first part of your tour will take you passed Noosaville's iconic jetty strip. You can take in the relaxed atmosphere and appreciate the beautiful parklands, clean beaches, unique jetties and quirky houseboats. There's plenty to do along this strip, and seeing it from the water is the best way to do it. Next you'll cross the river to the north shore where water-front homes give way to a wild national park that is home to mangrove systems, paper bark forests and towering eucalyptus trees. This is a great place to try and spot wildlife, as you search the shallows for sting rays and schools of fish ,and look into the bush for birds and kangaroos.

From here you really get to explore and tailor the tour to how you want. You can navigate your way between the sand banks and enter a stunning natural area called the Frying Pan. You may wish to continue further toward the river mouth, or you may choose to pull the bike up onto a secluded beach and stop for a swim and some refreshments. The water is clear, warm, and refreshing toward the river mouth, and can be enjoyed year round.

Once you've recharged and are ready to head back, simply jump on your bike and head back to the jetty where the tour began.

image alt Tours Half-Day Craft Beer Tour

Sit back and relax as your knowledgeable tour guide takes you on a craft beer journey through a range of beer types, such as lagers, pale ales, IPAs, saisons, stouts, porters, and everything in-between. If you’re lucky, the brewers might even let you taste an upcoming release straight from the fermenters.

The first stop on this half-day craft beer tour is either Heads of Noosa or Boiling Pot Brewing to take a look at how beer is actually made. Sample a range of beers while you touch, taste, and smell the fresh ingredients used to make beer.

Afterwards, the tour goes to Land and Sea Brewery to check out their beautiful venue and tasting room for more fresh beers and a tour of the brew house. While here, enjoy a tasty lunch to complement a tasting paddle of freshly brewed beer.

From there, head to the historic town of Eumundi, the home of Eumundi Brewery which has been recently been constructed inside the Imperial Hotel. Sample their range of core and seasonal beers and take in some history of the Eumundi brand and historic hotel.

Your last stop is Copperhead Restaurant and Brewery in the town of Cooroy on the outskirts of Noosa. Grab a tasting paddle from their range of twelve beers and take a look at their micro-brewery set up, which is vastly different to other breweries on the Noosa brewery tour.

image alt Tours Stand Up Paddle Lesson Double Island Adventure

Experience the stunning beaches and clearest waters of Double Island on Stand Up Paddle (SUP). Explore this stunning location with super easy skills taught on a basic flat water lesson or try SUP surfing on super long gentle waves.

Take it slow and cruise along the pristine shoreline experiencing the local wildlife from a very unique view or treat it as a fun solid workout great for core training! Instructors will teach you basic SUP techniques and guide you through the tour.

Our exciting stand up paddle lesson uses Double Island lagoons protected from the wind and waves of the open water. Paddle in a buzzing ecosystem that not only is home to a large number of turtles that feed and rest here but also many other marine life including Bottlenose dolphins, rays, sea birds, fish and crabs.

image alt Other Spa & Beauty

Spending time in Noosa feels like a luxurious experience within itself. So naturally, wandering into a day spa is bound to happen. From resorts to boutique spas, you can spend time pampering yourself with massages, facials, and floating in cosy hydrotherapy pools. Did someone say deep tissue massage?


You’ll have to dip out of Noosa and into the hinterland for this one but we promise it’s well worth the short drive. As one of Australia’s top spas, an Indonesian-inspired experience awaits you with delectable hot rock massages, facials, and award winning beauty treatments.

Stephanies Ocean Spa

Need a quick break from shopping on Hastings Street? Stephanie's Ocean Spa is tucked within Peppers Noosa Resort and offers spa therapy and water treatments with a view of Noosa National Park to match. Select from a variety of spa therapy suites or customise your own. 

Noosa Springs

The spa selection at Noosa Springs Golf Resort and Spa will have you instantly transported to Greece thanks to the HydroMassage pool ornately detailed in romantic columns. This spa brings your choice of detoxifying treatments, infrared saunas, floating pools, and thermal capsules that will have you winding into your holiday in no time.

Aqua Day Spa

Also located on Hastings Street sits Aqua Day Spa that lives up to its name with healing benefits of pure water treatments and steam rooms to have you feeling replenished. Their list of beauty and body treatments will have you dizzy with choice to restore and rejuvenate your senses. Customised treatment options are also on the menu thanks to their knowledgeable therapists.

Organica Day Spa

After strolling through the Peregian Village Markets on a Sunday head to this small day spa that specialises in facials using the purest ingredients involving enzymes, microdermabrasion, oxygen and skin needling to tone and refine your skin.

The spas in and around Noosa offer unique skin care treatments, incredible body massages, exfoliating scrubs, facials, and tons of therapies to choose from. The surroundings of Noosa infiltrate each and every spa, unbinding you from your woes and worries and replacing them with full relaxation.


image alt Other Arts & Culture

Noosa has a particularly rich and vibrant community when it comes to both art and culture. Each town within the region of Noosa as several public and private art galleries, as well as museums, centres, and markets that all go into supporting the local artists that create a patchwork of creativity.


Discover the creations of artists through various mediums like pottery, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and pieces you can find at art galleries and markets like the Eumundi and Peregian Markets. Otherwise, head to your choice of art galleries, especially a historical and cultural keystone to the community, the Noosa Regional Gallery. Just outside of Noosa, immerse yourself in the hinterland at the Pomona Art Gallery or the Butter Factory Arts Centre that operates both as a gallery as well as a workshop space where you can learn and become inspired directly from artists themselves.


Get to know the history and culture behind Noosa through heritage walks in the hinterland that will wind you through towns that stand as historical relics. The Noosa Museum is a wonderful place to learn about the Gubbi Gubbi people that inhabited the region, or head to Mill Point Historical Site or Parkyn’s Hut Information Centre. The Majestic Theatre in Pomona still plays silent films you can watch and enjoy.


Find entertainment in Noosa’s restaurants, cafes, festivals, and community centres like the Vintage Junction that has a variety of art, clothing, and unique finds. The large auditorium at The J is also a hub for events, concerts, plays, discussions and comedy shows. They also host recreational activities involved with other universities and schools in the area.


Enriched in art, music, food, history, and culture Noosa is more than just a place. Upon arrival, you’ll find endless amounts of experiences that bind together the community in powerful ways through art, culture, and festivals. Actively partake in the art community whether it’s through visual experience, a purchase, a workshop, or an event. There are all kinds of ways you’ll find yourself immersed and inspired by this creative network of artisans, individuals, and artists whose work empowers their community.

image alt Other Noosa Shopping

No intentions of shopping? You may find it hard to resist in Noosa. With Hastings Street adorned with some of the best boutiques and shops on the coast, shopping in Noosa embodies its very culture. With an assortment of luxe to artisanal goods, you will be filling your suitcase in no time with plenty of must-haves and mementoes of your stay.


At the heart of the Noosa shopping experience, wander along Hastings Street for some of Noosa’s finest. A kind of mecca, its refined storefronts fully embrace window shopping and the occasional splurge. In boutiques, you’ll find a wide range of signature labels and upscale designers to more local attire, saturated in relaxed elegance. To suit everyone, hop to shops like Alterior Motif, Bow & Arrow Trading, Sandman Clothing, and Seeds Kids. Break up the shopping with pit stops at any of the art galleries or cafes along the way.


Noosa shopping wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a surf shop, including Noosa Longboards. Decked out with custom boards and deluxe swimwear, a purchase can easily lead to you dreaming of heading for a paddle at any of the prestigious surf breaks that sit minutes away. For homewares and local staples, Casa Noosa and Noosa Classics can provide that perfect, Noosa-inspired redecorating you’ll be thinking of on your way home. Embrace tranquillity in the Noosa Marina with a host of shops and markets to explore alongside docked boats.


For commercialised shops, Noosa Civic Shopping Centre is Noosa’s largest shopping centre with over 100 retailers specialising in furniture, fashion, and homeware. Common services like the post office, medical centre, and Woolsworth can be found in this central location. On the flipside, you can find local, artisanal crafts and goods at either the Peregian or Eumundi Markets held over the weekends.


Wandering, admiring, and lusting over Noosa’s shopping is all part of the experience thanks to the local community that burst with boutiques, shops, and markets that make anyone feel special. Be sure to leave plenty of room in your luggage for that special item to remember your trip by.

image alt Other fine. simplistic spa

fine. Simplistic Spa offers a small range of high quality treatments individually tailored to suit your needs.

Be sure to check grab a coffee or tasty treat at our espresso bar, serving St. Ali coffee and local made treats.