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Home to idyllic beaches, a sparkling river, and magnificent national parks, Noosa has no shortage of outdoor activities. Wander along the beautiful beaches, or dip your toes into the turquoise ocean. Enjoy a refreshing swim, or tackle the world-class waves on a surfboard. Catch some fish, spot some whales, take a cruise, or discover a thrilling array of water sports, from kite surfing to jet skiing. Snorkel or scuba dive alongside a vibrant array of marine life, or for something different, explore the pristine sand on horseback or by 4-wheel drive.

Spend a day at the tranquil Noosa River. The calm waters are perfect for stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing. Venture down to the Everglades, one of Australia's most diverse ecosystems, and a stunning area of outstanding natural beauty. Fish for bream, coral trout, and other delicious seafood.

Embark on scenic walks of various lengths and difficulty levels. Hike through subtropical rainforest and across postcard-perfect beaches. Or hire a bicycle, mountain bike, or motorbike to travel the spectacular surroundings on two wheels. Discover inviting campsites where you can truly connect with the great outdoors. For the thrill-seekers amongst us, adrenaline-inducing activities like skydiving and abseiling will satisfy your cravings for adventure.