Boat Hire In Noosa

Experience a day out on the water at Noosa

Take to the stunning waters of Noosa, in Queensland by hiring a boat so you and the family can enjoy all there is on offer when visiting the area. There is are lots of places where you can enjoy the waters - Noosa Heads, Coolum and the magical Noosa River. Crystal blue waters as far as the eye can see, waiting for you to enjoy. Hitting the open waters of Noosa is easy when you know just where you need to go to get the right service and advice on hiring a vessel.

There are many businesses located in Noosa that offer you the opportunity to hire various types of vessels for your time out on the water. You may be looking to hire a standard fishing boat that you can hire in the morning and return to the business in the afternoon. This is great if you are wanting to go fishing for a day and why not bring a friend along and you both enjoy all there is on offer in the surrounding waters of Noosa.

Thinking of hiring a vessel for a larger group? Hire a larger boat that can accommodate from 4-15 people and comes with all the mod-cons you would expect such as comfortable seating for everyone, fully carpeted flooring, BBQ facilities so you can enjoy your lunch, canopy sides to protect from the sun and wind, safety equipment and all your fishing equipment needs. Hiring a sail boat can also be a fun way to enjoy fishing. Not only will a sail boat take you to great places for the day, but you can also enjoy sitting on the decks, feet dangling in the waters and catching some superb sea life. Sailing allows you to see the open waters from a whole different perspective, as well as traveling at a speed where you can sit and enjoy the breathtaking views on offer that pass you by.

Perhaps it is a family holiday to Noosa and not wanting your standard accommodation that you are after? What about hiring a house boat for a week? Take the family on an adventure of a lifetime as they all enjoy traveling, sleeping, relaxing and fishing directly from the boat! House boats can sleep several people at a time and come equipped with everything you would expect to make your time upon them a very relaxing and enjoyable one. Comfortable sleeping quarters, kitchenette, eating area, spacious decking, toilet and shower facilities and plenty of room for everyone to roam.

Noosa also offers an array of businesses that do professional fishing via chartered vessels. You will be amazed at the depth of knowledge these professional fisherman can share with you on your trip out to the ocean waters. Specializing in their field of fisheries, there is very little they don't know about keeping you safe out on the waters as well as sharing their knowledge with you. Enjoy being taken to the very best spots in Noosa where you will fish the waters that are best known for bringing in the best catches. Make a booking for yourself, or book for a whole group. Chartered vessels offer you the opportunity to go on a half day to full day tour and there are opportunities to be a part of a weekly fishing chartered adventure if you want to enjoy the waters for longer than just one day.

You can expect to be chartered anywhere between 5 and 15 kilometers from shore at any one time. The wonderful thing about making a booking to go on a chartered tour is that you don't have to even know how to bait your line, the experienced crew on board are there to teach you and answer all your questions. Either way you look at it, you will be very pleased with the offerings of the chartered fishing businesses that are a part of Noosa.

Safety is paramount when heading out on the waters. A good sound knowledge of 'what to do' if you get into any trouble will prove valuable if the circumstances arise. All boats should be equipped with life saving equipment such as:

  • fire extinguishers
  • EPIRBs
  • flares
  • inflatable life jackets
  • smoke signals
  • inflatable life rafts - if the vessel size requires so.

In case of an emergency the person driving the vessel should also know how to reach land if rescue is required.

  • Mayday mayday mayday
  • Pan pan pan pan pan pan
  • SOS in the Morse code

A blood alcohol limit of 0.05 is also important to know. Just as drivers on the roads need to obey by the rules when it comes to liquor and driving, the same applies when you are behind the vessel wheel.

Queensland is well known for its cyclone seasons and being aware of the weather conditions is just as important to know. Here are a few signs that you may wish to know that will keep you safe when on the waters.

  • A falling barometer
  • Cloud formations and wild windy weather
  • Extreme big waves and heavy swell
  • High humidity levels