A quick guide to fun Noosa activities

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Diversify your itinerary in Noosa with any number of activities that will have you relaxing in bliss, adventuring in nature, or finding your creative side. Noosa is an incredible destination for nature that remains practically untouched, with an array of wildlife and activities surrounding boating, fishing, horse riding and more.

Noosa has the concept of laid-back nailed down to a “t” if you want to take it easy. With world-class golf resorts minutes away from Hastings Street, you can putt to green fairways amongst lush forests. Noosa also has some of the best spas with an array of massages and beauty treatments. So there is something for everyone when it comes to tuning into their version of relaxation.

For the bold, adventure awaits thanks to the variety of terrain Noosa offers, from beaches to bays and national parks to the hinterland. Four-wheel driving around Noosa North Shore will give you some of the best experiences connecting you to the land with an ultimate taste of freedom. Stop and fish on the Noosa River, any of the numerous bays surrounding the area, or head out to sea with a charter for some deep-sea fishing and boating. Have a glance or book a tour to get a closer glimpse at whales that migrate to Noosa every year. Horse riding and other adventure boat tours, sky diving, or scuba diving will have you spinning with excitement.

Culturally, Noosa is rich in the arts and culinary world. Throughout the town and surrounding areas, plan visits to museums, art galleries, and local markets to experience the work of local artists that have made their way to both public and private galleries. In addition, join in on the Food and Wine Festival that takes place every year in Noosa, or choose from others involving sports, music, and performance.

With some fine-tuning, you can dial your Noosa trip to the level you love to experience your holiday at. Its terrain, culture, and quaint elegance inspires you to create memories around the very nature and art that makes Noosa such a memorable place to be.


Home to idyllic beaches, a sparkling river, and magnificent national parks, Noosa has no shortage of outdoor activities. Wander along the beautiful beaches, or dip your toes into the turquoise ocean. Enjoy a refreshing swim, or tackle the world-class waves on a surfboard. Catch some fish, spot some whales, take a cruise, or discover a thrilling array of water sports, from kite surfing to jet skiing. Snorkel or scuba dive alongside a vibrant array of marine life, or for something different, explore the pristine sand on horseback or by 4-wheel drive.

Spend a day at the tranquil Noosa River. The calm waters are perfect for stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing. Then, venture down to the Everglades, one of Australia’s most diverse ecosystems and a stunning area of outstanding natural beauty. Fish for bream, coral trout, and other delicious seafood.

Embark on scenic walks of various lengths and difficulty levels. Hike through subtropical rainforest and across postcard-perfect beaches. Or hire a bicycle, mountain bike, or motorbike to travel the spectacular surroundings on two wheels. Discover inviting campsites where you can truly connect with the great outdoors. For the thrill-seekers amongst us, adrenaline-inducing activities like skydiving and abseiling will satisfy your cravings for adventure.


Explore the sensational surroundings of Noosa on water, land, or in the air with a diverse range of exciting tours. Float up the magnificent river or across the glittering Pacific Ocean, ride through the lush hinterland, or soar above it all.

Alternatively, guided bushwalking tours will take you through breathtaking national parks and rolling hinterland. Spot a vibrant array of native birds and learn about the range of flora and fauna.

Tour serene rivers and the gorgeous Noosa Everglades on a stand-up paddleboard, kayak, canoe, or even water bike or kiteboard. Or take to the sea with boat tours to suit everyone, whether you want to catch fish and crabs, spot humpback whales, snorkel, scuba dive, or unwind with a relaxing sunset cruise. Finally, experience the pristine coastline on a thrilling 4-wheel drive or horseback tour.

Foodies will adore touring the exquisite produce farms, farmers markets, wineries, and breweries of the surrounding hinterland in air-conditioned vehicles. If you prefer to travel on two wheels, choose a scenic coastal cycling tour, a thrilling mountain bike tour through spectacular national parks, or a motorbike tour of the hinterland.

For a bird’s eye view of the outstanding scenery, indulge in a scenic flight on a helicopter, plane or seaplane.


You’ll never be short of activities to fill your Noosa itinerary with. There’s plenty on offer for all kinds of visitors, with tempting shopping centres, fascinating cultural experiences, heavenly spas, and much more.

If you’re craving some retail therapy, you won’t be disappointed with many shops selling everything from unique locally made pieces to big designer brands. Take a stroll along lively Hastings Street, where you will find many of Noosa’s premium shops, with high fashion stores and commercial labels, as well as an array of quirky boutiques. Discover all kinds of stores selling homewares, clothing, accessories, and much more at Noosa Junction, and shop for unique locally-made goods at several local markets.

You may find that the laidback atmosphere of Noosa is enough to make you feel instantly more relaxed. However, if you want to really unwind and de-stress, visit one of Noosa’s blissful day spas. Let expert therapists massage, scrub, and polish your cares away as you enjoy indulgent pampering.

Explore the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Noosa at a vibrant range of insightful art galleries and museums. Several galleries showcase the work of talented local artists, whilst museums showcase the intriguing history of the area.