Inundated with crystalline waters everywhere you look, Noosa is a fisherman’s paradise thanks to the oceans, rivers, and lakes that make up its geography. Equally matched in marine biodiversity, fishing in Noosa will leave you in bounty while you simultaneously enjoy views both on land and offshore.


Fishing in Noosa is available year round, thanks to the incredible sub-tropical weather that keeps holiday goers and locals in optimal comfort while they cast away. Summer brings about incredible species like the Coral Trout and Marlin. In the winter, look forward to incredible reef fishing for variety in Snapper, Tailor, and Winter Whiting. Pay close attention to seasonal catches with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.


You can catch plenty on land, casting right from the rocks in bays like Little Cove, the shores of Noosa River, Webya Creek, or Laguna Bay. You’ll be happily surprised to find that areas like Noosa North Shore and Double Island Point also have large gutters that make beach fishing a breeze. For the larger catch, take a kayak through 40km of the Noosa River, catching everything from Flathead to Mud Crabs. Otherwise, head just 15km out to sea to the Noosa Bar for larger reef fish. Even further out Noosa has some incredible canyons for larger fish.


Many boating companies offer guided fishing tours to take you to local spots providing both training and knowledge about the type of fish and their habitats. Companies like the Noosa River Fishing Safari will take you through the river and river mouth. To explore beyond the shores, look to Fishing Offshore Noosa for chartered boats that will take you to the reef, deep-sea or into full game fishing. You’ll be exploring not just the marine life below but the stunning reefs and ecosystems that embody Noosa.


For the total fishing experience, save a few days in your itinerary to fish both land and sea, guided or unguided. Regardless of how you choose to fish, you’ll find the waters teeming with marine life that will give you an immense appreciation for the traditions that coincide with Noosa’s ecosystem.