Free Things to do in Noosa

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Noosa is a chic elegant place, set against the backdrop of pristine beaches and spectacular coastal scenery. At first glance, this might seem to come with a hefty price tag. While plenty of activities in Noosa require spending money, there’s an equal abundance of free things to do. Noosa offers a variety of experiences that won’t cost you a dime. Use these tips to experience Noosa on a budget. You may be surprised at just how much there is to do without spending much!

Take a Walk in Noosa National Park

One of the best free things to do in Noosa is head straight to Noosa National Park. Enjoy multiple days of free, healthy activities by walking along coastal or inland trails. There’s even the potential to spot dolphins, whales, and koalas. The headland section alone has 25km of well-defined walking trails. Bring your swimmers for a refreshing experience at some of Noosa’s dreamiest locations. Don’t forget your camera to capture the beauty of places like Tea Tree Bay and the fairy pools at Granite Bay.

For more information about Noosa National Park Headlands trails, click here.

Noosa National Park - free things to do in Noosa

Visit Noosa Regional Gallery

Noosa Regional Gallery, a small public gallery located in Tewantin, is completely free of charge. Situated near the scenic Noosa River, the gallery is also within walking distance of Noosa Marina. It showcases diverse contemporary exhibitions from local, national, and international artists. Additionally, the gallery is involved in the biennial art and environment event Floating Land. Nearby, visitors can enjoy Noosa Marina and Tewantin’s vibrant village, both offering enjoyable experiences at no cost. Tewantin Splash Park and RSL Memorial Park are also free, adding to the area’s attractions. The gallery’s easy access is a major draw, offering free parking and convenient public transport options. This makes it an attractive destination for those exploring Noosa’s cultural and natural beauty.

Parklife for Those With Kids

Noosa is a haven for family-friendly parks, each offering unique experiences for children to enjoy endless fun. The renowned Pirate Park on Gympie Terrace is a delightful spot. It features a charming pirate-themed playground nestled under the cool shade of trees. This idyllic setting allows parents to relax on comfy picnic benches. Meanwhile, their little adventurers can expend energy in imaginative play.

Peregian Park, situated near the picturesque Peregian Beach, is another gem. This park caters to all ages, boasting ample shaded areas for a comfortable day out. It also features a well-equipped skate park, perfect for older children seeking a bit of thrill and adventure.

Eumundi - Dick Caplick Park
Eumundi – Dick Caplick Park – free things to do in Noosa

For a truly immersive experience, Eumundi’s Dick Caplick Park is a must-visit. This enchanting park in Eumundi features an impressive train and a lofty treehouse. It also boasts an exhilarating slide and various climbing frames. All these are set in the laid-back, ambient atmosphere of Eumundi. Take in the relaxed Eumundi vibes while the kids go wild.

Window Shopping

Hastings Street, the vibrant heart of Noosa, offers an exquisite, cost-free experience of soaking in its lively ambience and exploring chic boutiques. Immerse yourself in a leisurely stroll along this bustling thoroughfare, revelling in the charm and elegance of each shop. Wander up one side, absorbing the lively energy, and then meander back down the other, basking in the unique blend of sophistication and coastal relaxation that Hastings Street offers.

Hastings Street - Free Things To Do in Noosa
Hastings Street – Free Things To Do in Noosa

After indulging in the delightful window shopping, you’re just steps away from the pristine sands of Noosa Main Beach. Here, the crystal-clear waters invite you for a refreshing dip, a perfect way to cap off your day. This seamless transition from Hastings Street’s stylish allure to Noosa Main Beach’s natural beauty epitomizes the quintessential Noosa experience, where urban chic meets tranquil beach life, all without spending a single penny.

Wildlife Spotting

Noosa is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream, teeming with various captivating species in its natural habitats. The warm, inviting waters of Laguna Bay are a haven for playful and intelligent Bottle-Nosed Dolphins. Their presence adds a delightful touch of magic to the area. As you explore the scenic Noosa Headland, look at the various lookouts. You might glimpse these graceful creatures, along with majestic turtles gliding through the water.

During migration season, the spectacle becomes even more awe-inspiring as the majestic Humpback whales make their grand appearance, a truly unforgettable experience for nature lovers.

Your adventure continues in the lush expanses of Noosa National Park. Here, the canopy above is home to charming resident koalas. A leisurely stroll through the park invites you to occasionally glance upwards. Following the gaze of other visitors may reward you with the delightful sight of these adorable marsupials lounging in the trees.In Noosa, every moment is an opportunity to connect with the wonders of wildlife in their natural environment.

Enjoy a Swim in Lake Cootharaba

Lake Cootharaba, with its sun-kissed, shallow waters, offers a perfect family-friendly swimming destination. The gentle warmth of the water invites you and your loved ones to wade in leisurely, with the serenity of knowing that even as you venture further, the water graciously remains at thigh level. This delightful feature ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for swimmers of all ages.

Adding to the charm of Lake Cootharaba is its soft sandy bottom. This provides a pleasant, cushion-like feel underfoot, enhancing the joy of your swim. The lake’s tranquil and welcoming waters create an idyllic setting. Families can enjoy quality time together, immersed in the natural beauty and peacefulness of the surroundings.

Feast Your Eyes on a Glorious Sunset at Laguna Lookout

Noosa’s sunsets are truly a breathtaking spectacle, offering a vivid display of nature’s artistry in the sky. It’s astounding to think that such a mesmerizing experience comes at no cost. Imagine standing at Laguna Lookout, where you can embrace a panoramic view of the entire Laguna Bay, painted in the vibrant hues of the setting sun. This magical spot is conveniently just a short walk from Hastings Street, making it an easily accessible haven for sunset enthusiasts.

The view of the Noosa Head from Laguna Lookout at Sunset

The way the sun’s rays dance across the water, casting a kaleidoscope of colours, is a moment of pure bliss and wonder. For those seeking even more stunning vistas to enjoy this daily masterpiece, be sure to explore our article for a curated list of the best sunset spots in Noosa. Each location promises its own unique and unforgettable sunset experience, adding to the endless beauty that Noosa has to offer.

Look on Some Ancient Volcanoes: The Glass House Mountains

Visible from many places along the Sunshine Coast, The Glass House Mountains are well worth the 1 hr drive inland from Noosa. The 13 angular-shaped peaks protruding from the earth were aptly named by Captain James Cook, the British explorer, on his journey up the East Coast of Australia in 1770.

The Glass House Mountains were formed from volcanic activity 27 million years ago, where molten lava cooled quickly to form hard rock. Millions of years of erosion of the softer rock around the vent of the volcanos have left a number of “volcanic plugs” or vertical columns that we see today.

The mountains can be explored by walking well-graded trails that range from easy to challenging. Some trails must not be attempted in the rain or wet conditions due to the sheer rock faces and slippy conditions, specifically Mount Tibrogargan – 364m, Mount Beerwah – 556m and Mount Beerburrum – 278m. These challenging walks are best for experienced hikers, and we recommend packing some rope. If you want something less strenuous with fantastic views, why not try the easy walk up Mount Ngungun, the 6th highest of the Glass House Mountains?

For more information about the Glass House Mountain trails, click here.

View of Glass House Mountains from Maleny


Surfing in Noosa is one of the easiest and free activities to do for all skill levels. Bring or borrow a surfboard for waves that peel at Tea Tree Bay, or head to Sunshine Beach, which has plenty of peaks to choose from. Noosa has some great sheltered beaches like Main Beach, which make for the perfect place to muck around on a surfboard and learn how to do it. It’s also a patrolled beach, so it’s perfect for beginners.

For those who can’t access a surfboard, enjoy the waves by bodyboarding; this is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours and can be done with limited expense.

Budget Places to Stay in Noosa

There are a number of hostels that offer reduced-cost accommodation, including Flashpackers Noosa, Dolphins Beach House, and Nomads Noosa. You can find some on or near Hastings St, giving you the free activity of window shopping or people watching. Head to Nomads Noosa for live music on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Nomads Noosa

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Perhaps one of Australia’s favourite travel destinations, Noosa offers so much to enjoy with little to no cost. Its landscapes, parks and relaxed beach culture will give you endless entertainment without breaking the bank. Enjoy all the free things to do in Noosa; we know we will!