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Noosa Swim Fairy Pools

You’ve seen the photos and videos that leave you in a state of endless wanderlust, dreaming of dipping and floating in luxuriously turquoise waters. If you have the insatiable urge to find the very best swimming spots in Noosa, we have some tips on some dreamy locations to take a dip. Noosa, nestled on the Sunshine Coast, is a haven for those who love the water. This guide unveils some of the top Noosa swim locations, each with its unique charm.

Noosa Main Beach

Protected by the National Park headland, Noosa Main Beach is an idyllic destination for swimmers and aspiring surfers alike. This beach is renowned for its gentler waves, creating a serene and safe environment perfect for families. It’s an especially great choice for introducing children to the joys of the ocean, as the calm waters foster a secure and enjoyable learning experience. The beach’s scenic backdrop, coupled with its invitingly warm waters, makes it a favourite among both locals and visitors.

Noosa River

Another great spot for those who aren’t keen on big surf. Gympie Terrace runs alongside Noosa River and has many parking options, places to grab refreshments, boat hire companies, and the pirate park for the kids. There are plenty of picnic tables and places to sit and enjoy the river, not forgetting the many little sandy beaches that are perfect for gently paddling into the river.

Noosa Woods – Main Beach West

The great thing about accessing the Main Beach West from Noosa Woods is the shaded grassy areas where you can relax in between swims. This is a good option for those with babies or young children wanting them to stay out of the harmful sun rays. Access Noosa Woods by going to the West of Hasting street, you will find parking there.

Fairy Pools

These enchanting natural tide pools are a must-see. They reveal a stunning underwater world at low tide, perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts. The smaller pool on the west side, especially, becomes a secluded spot filled with coral and rocks. Try to get there early in the morning for a peaceful swim before it gets busy.

Fairy Pools Noosa

Tea Tree Bay

This tranquil bay is located in Noosa National Park and is perfect for those seeking a quiet swim. It’s less crowded, allowing you to enjoy the clear waters and peaceful surroundings.

Little Cove Beach

Close to Noosa Main Beach, towards the national park, Little Cove offers a more intimate swimming experience. Its calm waters are ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of larger beaches. It is still easy to access Hastings Street after you swim for a shop or refreshments.

Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Beach, a picturesque spot in Noosa, offers clear blue waters and consistent waves, ideal for surfers and beach lovers. With a laid-back charm and nearby cafes, it’s perfect for a relaxed, sun-soaked day by the sea. Sunshine Beach would be more suitable for the stronger swimmer, with larger waves than Main Beach.

Lake Cootharaba

A bit further from Noosa, this lake is a haven for water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. Its warm, shallow waters are also perfect for swimming in and enjoying the peaceful lake scenery.

Boreen Point, Lake Cootharaba
Boreen Point, Lake Cootharaba

Alexandria Bay

Tucked away in Noosa National Park, this secluded beach is known for its pristine natural beauty, offering a quiet spot for swimmers. This Noosa swim spot requires a bit of a walk from either Sunshine Beach or through the National Park from Main Beach. It is well worth the walk if you want to escape the crowds. Check out our article about a walk to Alexandria Bay.

Alexandria Bay, Noosa Swim Spots
Alexandria Bay Noosa

Lake Weyba

Lake Weyba, just a short drive from Noosa Heads, offers a chilled swimming experience unlike any other. This picturesque lake, renowned for its calm, shallow waters, is perfect for a refreshing swim. Surrounded by a stunning natural backdrop, it’s an ideal spot for families and solo adventurers alike. Lake Weyba provides a tranquil setting for swimming, and its clear waters make it a top choice for kayaking and paddle boarding.

Noosa Aquatic Centre – The NAC

If you want some straightforward lap swimming, head to The NAC in Sunshine Beach, which has a 50-metre and 25-metre splash pool, cafe, and creche; this is a great option for a family outing.

Noosa Swim - Noosa aquatic centre

Noosa’s swimming spots offer something for everyone, from ocean tides to tranquil lakes and hidden lagoons. As you explore these waters, remember to swim safely and respect the natural environments to keep these spots pristine for years to come.

Enjoy your Noosa Swim Adventures!

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